Let Me Be a Light Unto Eternity



Let me be a light unto eternity

Like millions of diamonds

Radiance that permeates

Everything, everywhere

Light sees no barriers, no edges

No boundaries, no segregation

Sparkles through all people, all things

Light is the same for one and all, in unison

Reviving, rejuvenating, energizing, healing

Enlightening, awakening, enlivening the humanity

With exhilaration, exuberance, ebullience, exultation

Pristine golden ocean dissolving the bonds of the darkness

 Transmuted by the power of the flame, the rainbow of colors

Merging with the water, the rainfall, the stream, the river, the ocean

A stream of pure white brilliant light dispelling darkness with divinity



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About Kusum Gandhi Vig

Mrs. Kusum Gandhi Vig is a Counseling Psychologist and holds her Masters and M Phil degree in Psychology, and has been working in the field of Education, Career Counseling and Mind Power Training for more than two decades. She is helping people worldwide to discover their inborn potential and personality traits with the help of Inborn Potential Assessment Test. She also conducts special workshops on how to unleash your subconscious mind to attract abundance and prosperity to life. Within the framework of her seminars, workshops and personal counseling sessions, she creates an environment where you can easily identify your dreams and aspirations and work towards manifesting them. Her primary tool to facilitate transformation utilizes the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming and other Laws of success; the tool that she likes to call the ‘SYNC THINK’ technique. She conducts career counseling sessions through video conferencing based on Biometric Aptitude test. Some of the topics covered under her seminars and workshops are as follows: Emotional Intelligence, High Performance Brains, The Science and Art of Happiness, New Age Parenting, Adolescent Issues, How to build effective Relationships. She discovered her passion for poetry during her soul searching experience and has contributed her inks in English and Hindi to some of the distinguished anthologies. Her published book on poetry “Celebrating life” can be downloaded and is also available world-wide at www.lulu.com/.../kusum -vig/ celebrating-life.

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