let it snow

“Let it snow, let it snow”, Frank Sinatra sang
Somewhere a gun went bag bang!
“Let it snow”, I listened, hunched, eyes scrunched
Like a faux pas thoroughly abashed
As the noises around me crashed.

“Let it snow, let it snow”, sang Frank,
In utter fear, I shuddered, I shrank.
“One day the war will be over and I will go back to my poem”,
The graffiti from a bullet – riddled Syrian wall screamed
And I dreamed, ah, how I dreamed!

In my dream, a violence –free world had unfurled
Invisible men and women were visible
Children big and small, of colors all
Pranced and danced around an exuberant fire
Singing songs of peace.
Ah I was in a trance.

I was jerked out of my dream
Hey, what did I hear? Jingle of reindeer bells?
But why were they muted?
Rudolph, the red –nosed reindeer was confused.
Not just his nose, but everything was red, why?

Santa’s Ho Ho Ho
Mingles with Sinatra’s “Let it snow”
Screams reach a crescendo
Kids clutching their mama’s hands
Fleeing Aleppo.
Granddads on wheelchairs, grandmas with blank stares.

Steps hurried, hopes buried, they scurried.
Braving a biting winter chill.
The wind picks up the echo of “let it snow”.
It does not snow, it rains in Allepo
It rains bombs! Boom and crack of shelling
Tumbling, stumbling, kids yelling, “Rain, rain go away.”
War –scarred kids caught under piles of rubble.
Across the skies a rumble of warplanes
An octogenarian breathes his last
Eyes still fixed on his home left behind, a cold blast.
Ah, death had been kind.

They choke covered with black smoke
Emanating from their singed belongings.
In my mind Frank Sinatra sings and sings.
The weather outside continues to be frightful
But my dream indeed is delightful.
Where children dance and sing
And Randolph the red nosed reindeer is not confused.
But at the antics of the romping kids, amused.

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