let hope shimmer

Why flap our wings in the emasculating cage
Seethe , seethe in outrage, climb out of the wreckage
Pry open cracks in that smug armor.
Let hope glimmer through those cracks.

Come out, come out from the shadows
Let us throng those sun-dappled meadows.
Look, look, can you see, can you?
Hope pirouetting on the wind- threshed water
Unscathed, holding aloft the flag of resistance.
Let us once again sing those lost songs of innocence.
Sheathed in the radiance of
Why stall, hear that clarion call.

From up above a cloud rumbles
Like a critic unsparing.
But Hope continues to shine on and on
Unfazed, uncaring.
Widening those cracks, bit by bit.
Armed with resilience and grit.

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