Legacy Saplings

Two groves – a cartographer’s dream.
Your blooms – a sudden sweetness.
Here, your openhanded gifts
Thrive under our militant sun.
Cherry blossom dreams.

Cherry blossoms, heavy water
Fall from legacy saplings.
In a moment, the earth
Rose and met the sea.

Time’s idea meets
Your blooms – a sudden sweetness
Our pinks singed by snow.

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About Elizabeth Marino

Elizabeth Marino is a poet and educator based in Chicago. Her poems have (or will appear) in print anthologies and journals, as well as webzines. Chapbooks include "Debris: Poems & Memoir" (Puddin'head Press) and "Ceremonies" (dancing girl press). New work is scheduled to appear in the forthcoming "Muse of Peace" and "The Rejected Anthology." She has 2 cats.

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