Learn to live

Pray, learn to live with a light heart

Learn to have it absorbed in you

That this world is not as it has been made to be

Learn that here, you shall be thrust upon thorns

Continuously tested

So as to be deemed fit for release!


Why do you worry so much about the mundane

Why do you care to fill your grip

With that which cannot be contained

Pray, like air, materialism is much needed

More as a comfort than a luxury

Like sand, though, it shall escape your grip

And fall to where you shall have to keep on walking

Like water, it shall keep changing its forms

So that even if it remains much needed

You shall have to learn to adjust and adapt to it!


Why, is living with a light heart so difficult

Is your mind bent on being attached

And do you see my words as being foolish and void?

Pray, do take the time to sit still

And enjoy the feel of the breeze on your nose

Take the time to open your soul

And to realize that you, in your life, you are merely a moth

To be fulfilled, you shall have to meet with your attracting blinding light!

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