Lateral inversion

Sipping coffee from porcelain mug
Twiddling King between fingers
Aristocratically sitting as high as Mount Everest
Making moves on black and white patches of clouds
On widely spread troposphere;
Arrogantly he posed as if it was mere a child’s play

Thundering sound of clouds
Shook me up;
Suddenly image got
Unbelievably transposed;
Reversal of impression
Occurred in mind
His ‘right’ was not right to me anymore
With this lateral inversion

Gigantic image turned small
Heart-melting smile looked spirit less;
Dominating persona
Bejeweled with perfect etiquettes
Was appearing pretentious
And his moves on board seemed
Conspiring a plot against me

When my eyes got fix on him;
Frustration was clearly visible
In his flared nose, wrinkled chin
And pouted lips, stretched face muscles
Depicting serious contemplation
He was losing grip on game on board
He had already lost it in mind
I knew; he won’t stay more
In front of disrespectful mirror
Hence for the sustenance of narcissism
He moved on
Aparna Pathak/ All Rights Reserved

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