Late Autumn

Late autumn –
Evening twilight;
The market lane
herds of shoppers,
In front of her small hut,
she lays the
stainless steel vessels
on the mat…

her hut,
her mat,
her vessels,
her hope –
Autumn ceasing
All over…

Late night –
The lane deepening into
deafening silence;
Spoon by spoon,
tiffin box by tiffin box,
plate by plate,
she carefully places them
inside the jute sack
knowing tomorrow will
dawn again.

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About Ramesh Anand

Ramesh Anand authored Newborn Smiles, a book of haiku poetry published by Cyberwit.Net Press. His haiku has appeared in many publications, across 11 countries, including Bottle Rockets Press, ACORN, Magnapoets, The Heron's Nest, Simply Haiku and Frogpond. His Haiku has been translated in German, Serbian, Japanese, Croatian and Tamil. His short verses have been honored by Muse India, Voicesnet and Boloji. He has been nominated and shortlisted for Muse India's young writer award for 2012. he blogs at

4 thoughts on “Late Autumn

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    In an otherwise excellent and very understated work,the tiniest snag appears in the line ; ” the lane deepening into deafening silence “. Deafening silence is a much used cliche , ” the lane deepening into silence “, strikes as me as being much stronger.

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