Last Tear


wood engaaving

I will step inside
The summer rain,
To a hidden place,
Beyond the veil
Where transparent drops
Disguise all tears
The furrows
Of the famine years

Here lies the löst
Enchanted glen
Where spirits dance
With mortal men
And twilight waltzes
With the sun
As swans fly home
When day is done

Somewhere there is
A wishing well
And kind wizards
Sometimes cast their spells
But it stands beside
The Tree of Pain
On which all löst lovers
Carve their names

If it’s true
This place really exists
I will leave the
Imprint of a kiss
Perhaps someday
You will pass by there –
And find the stain
Of my last tear

The wood engraving is by Timothy Cole, who did a whole series of interpretations of French painters. This one is based on Jules Delaunay. …….The words are mine.


© Fingleton (Août 2016) (Löst Viking)öst-Viking/746104845419195





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