Last Ghost Rider

All day I rode long and hard,
Across the secret path;
The warning signs were everywhere,
Yet still I spurred on past.
Broken swords, hanging dogs;
Now this severed head,
Stuck high upon a bloodied pole;
Before the Bifröst Bridge.

All my other friends are gone,
My clansmen also died;
In one great final battle –
They now lay, by Odin’s side.
But how did I survive it all?
I should be amongst the dead,
Or am I the Last Ghost Rider,
Before the Bifröst Bridge?

JAF (May 2015) © (Löst Viking)

8 thoughts on “Last Ghost Rider

      1. Vineetha

        There is no need for any picture to go with it. The poem paints one in the reader’s mind. The imagination is often a better artist. That is why we often feel that a book is better than a movie adaptation of the same. So my suggestion is leave it to the reader 😀 all the best. Keep writing,

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