Labyrinth of Pain

Under the dome

In the sanctity of your domain

The sacred vicinity

Where people pour their heart out.

Bowing my head,

In veneration for the supreme divine.

Tears silently trickle down, soaking my chest.

You hear my words, my cry, my silence.

Requesting and pleading.

Relieve me of the weight,

My heart no longer can tolerate.

Show me the path out of this labyrinth

Or bestow in me,

Strength to bear it fearlessly

And accept it as a part of me.

5 thoughts on “Labyrinth of Pain

  1. Amita Paul

    Be – faayeda Alam nahin
    Bekaar gham nahin
    Taufeeq de Khuda
    Toh ye nemat bhi kam nahin

    ( No pain is bootless
    No suffering is useless
    In fact , if God bestows upon you the strength to bear them
    They can turn out to be no small blessings )
    Jigar Moradabadi
    ( From the Ghazal that begins
    ‘ Ham ko mita sakey ye zamaane mein dam nahin’ )


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