Everybody knew

that it couldn’t be done


someone came that didn’t know

what we knew


it was done


so much love

so much tenderness

so much hope

so much trust

so much joy




no fear at all


© Marialenn


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About Marialenn

My name is Marialenn Langendoen. Writing and painting is next to my work, what I spend most of my time with at the moment . I started writing and drawing as a child , but this was dismissed as kind of trifling and a long time I quitted but always missing this way of expressing myself. Around 1985 I took it seriously again and I never stopped writing and painting again. Wonderful to see how my poems have grown through the experiences in my life and being a therapist , I have a great source from which I can draw . I write about what I encounter in everyday life, about the past, where ever a mirror has been holding up to me. I easily project and I have a large feeling of empathy . Amazed about a painting, an art object or picture I write poems without hesitation and delete them seldom because the first impression is always my truth at that moment. Sometimes I write my poems directly in English and sometimes in Dutch, it's just what occurs . So it can happen that my English is a little shaky, I was born out of a Dutch mother and a South African father , so please do not blame me on language I do my best . My poems may seem to be heavy , yet I am happy woman with a lot of life experience and love to have fun. So let’s have it together Feel free to ask me any questions you want…..

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