Know Unknowable

Our love is one.

You may think about unity.

But not this time.


Our love is one.

The digit.

The number.

God’s love is not two.

Not the number.

Not the digit.

It is not our love plus one.

It does not fit with our equation.

It does not equate with our consideration.

We cannot consider that God’s love is our love plus one.

It is surpassing.

It is beyond.






Paul says we cannot grasp,

But we should grasp

He says we cannot know,

But we should know

How can we know the unknowable?

Tame the untamable,

Control the uncontrollable

Like looking through a keyhole

Like a raindrop in the ocean

It is not our love plus one

Is there answer?

Is there a way?


Not to the finite mind but through the infinite Spirit.

Given by God, poured out through Jesus, revealed by Spirit

The only way to

Know unknowable.

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About Daniel Martin

My name is Daniel Martin, I am 25 years old, I have been married to my wife Lucie for 4 years. I am a Pastor at Destiny Church Wakefield and a part time music teacher in Bradford. Last year I completed (with my wife) my degree in theology and biblical studies. I love any outlet to be creative. I love writing music and song lyrics. I love to paint and draw however I don’t get to do much of that. My creativity has also brought me recently to building my own guitars. A process which I must learn much more about!

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  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A deftly wrought work showing considerable insight as well as being a fine exemplar of Faith -centred poetry.

    Please feel free to share a few biographical details with our community via your a/c.

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