Know that you are coming home

When dreaded loneliness starts becoming tranquil solitude,
when winning or losing cease to matter much,
when the outward focus of your eyes
resembles the tip of an iceberg,
when it starts getting easier to let go,
when the grip of life’s drama starts loosening,
when being socially normal feels like a sin,
when being natural and spontaneous feels right,
when you start seeing the unending fiction of your own thoughts,
know that the reverse journey has begun.

When normal friends start to wither away,
when coincidences start happening more frequently,
when you find your needs receding
and the need to be needed withdrawing,
when you notice your ‘love for self’ blooming,
when you find yourself celebrating uniqueness
and yet have nothing to compare,
when you often choose to slow down and ponder,
or just stop and wonder,
know that you have taken a U turn.

When judging people starts feeling alien to you,
when forgiveness starts coming easily to you,
when you start feeling the wind that caresses you
and become aware of the water that wets you,
when gratitude starts replacing grudges,
when stillness comes to you unbeckoned
but in acute awareness of the movement of life,
when joy visits you often for no reason,
when others find peace emanating from you,
know that you are coming home.

5 thoughts on “Know that you are coming home

  1. pramilakhadun

    A single poem speaking beautiful volumes.Life is a journeying and home coming and you have done both so majestically dear poet.


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