Kindness v. Coronavirus

Officially , we are cool , collected , benevolent and rational
Unofficially , and in effect , almost all are “ anti – national “

No I don’t use the term as lightly as some others have done
I mean all human beings , really , also as in “ all Indians are one “

The uneducated ignorant remote villagers aside
What are the educated Urbans doing , woe betide !

If even the threat of a global pandemic cannot restrain us
If even an untreatable killer virus can’t train us

To act in a quiet disciplined mature and rational fashion
If still we give primacy to superstition and passion

If prejudice disunity selfishness hatred guide us
If we allow a false sense of entitlement to ride us

Then sorry to say this but we deserve all that is on its way
If reason will not have its way , Corona will have its way

Doctors and drugs may save some folk but mostly it’s our duty
Fate puts it all in our own hands , and really that’s the beauty

If all think of each other, and if each one thinks for all
And acts that way , Covid 19 cannot hold us in thrall

If each thinks only for himself , family and clan
Covid 19 will catch those folks whatever be their plan

“ He prayeth best who loveth best all things both great and small;
For the dear God who loveth us, He made and loveth all.”

Do your best for all other beings and you too shall find grace
This test is well -devised to show what makes the human race

If I’m prepared to suffer and lay down my life for all
Then surely I shall know God’s Grace even though to Death I fall

If I am selfish , if among people I discriminate
Then in this world and in the next I know I’ve sealed my Fate

If die we must ( and all must die ) if not today , tomorrow
Let’s use with gentleness and grace the Time we from Death borrow

Dogs are better than us in this our dog eat dog cruelness
Dear Heaven teach us kindness and save us from unkindness

It all depends on us Dear Friends what we are prepared to give
What if I live but kindness dies ? Let me die , kindness live

( Amita Sarjit Singh Ahluwalia )

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