Just Move On

Never give up on,
what you want badly in life,
never let go for,
which you have waited for,
there may be times,
which may create a situation,
where you think to give up,
think for what you have waited for so long,
always and always remember that and never give up.

It’s our life,
It’s our journey,
nobody has promised,
it will be soft and smooth,

There may be times,
there may be circumstances,
where you may be alone,
you may be left behind,
but always remember,
there is always a day after night,
sunny days will definitely come,
and it will be more bright.

You may be alone in the start,
you may be tired in the mid,
but always remember,
its the finishing line which matters,
you should never stop,
unless you achieve what you want,
how much time,
it really doesn’t matter.

What matters really in life,
only one thing,
you should move on,
never ever give up on yourself,
just move on and on and on.


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Passionate about Poetry writing. Favorite topic to write is LIFE AND most passionate in writing about LOVE. Aim in life is to motivate people through write ups & Want to become the greatest writer in the Universe. Written more than 200 Hindi poems, 40 English poems Love's to write shayaris Aim is that write up should go to those who need it. Winner of World Writers Competition - Get placed in Top 10 Selected out of 2200 Poetries World wide

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