Just Know ~

Just know ~

That the song of the wind
That places a hint
Between us is not elegiac,
But, what remains;

That the lifting greyness
That brings a blueness
Between us is not a void,
But, the heart’s hue;

That the words that rain,
But fail to dilute the pain
Between us is not sorrow,
But, our yesterdays;

That the awaited spring
That time would bring
Between us is not love,
But, acceptance…

~ September 19th, 2013
© Sana Rose 2013

2 thoughts on “Just Know ~

  1. Sana Rose Post author

    Immensely thankful to your raving comment that has made my day, Louis.. 🙂 I always wanted readers to apply inductive logic to personal poetry and generalize and apply it to what they experience if relatable. Most tend to think it’s just about me. The very essence of grave or melancholic poetry is its universality, which appeals to more people than happy cheerful poetry, as far as I have known in the last 12 years.

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