Judge ,Jury and Executioner

The verdict was reached

before you were even arrested ;

Evidence had been planted

before the crime itself took place ;

Witnesses recognised your distinctive features

though they’d never seen you before ;

Your DNA and fingerprints were discovered by

forensics who couldn’t find what they were looking for;

Clueless detectives and incompetent policing

led them unerringly to your door ;

Your accomplices though you had none

betrayed you to save themselves ;

As the toxic cocktail enters your veins

you can take comfort from the words of Saint-Just ;

Nature wouldn’t condemn an innocent man ,

clearly there’s been a mistake .

4 thoughts on “Judge ,Jury and Executioner

  1. lokesh roy

    The maxim of law affording an opportunity of being heard to any person accused of any crime is a useful safeguard against malicious prosecution . In fact, wherever one misuses the law for ulterior purposes , it ultimately boomerangs on the perpetrator in one way or the other. Such is the ways of nature . How very brilliantly Louis Kasatkin has stated this in the parting lines !

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