Journey Within

Journey within



The dark light

Resides in me

Unveiling the caves remote..

The quest to quench

My thirst to know myself

Deepens now and again

With sudden discovery

Of which

I myself am unaware..

The journey within

Imprisons me

Pulls and calls me deep..

Come along!

Have a look and peep into ..

The world

So mysterious

With vibrant pious colours

Paints life’s grandeur

Making each moment of surrender

Full of contentment

And knowledge about thyself..

Ah! How calm the stride is

Never let it slide; but seize..

 By: Dr. Hitendra Goyal

5 thoughts on “Journey Within

    1. Dr. Hitendra Goyal

      Thank you so much for this very energizing comment….and thanks a ton for making a part of this huge literary family.
      Dr. Hitendra Goyal


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