Jesus Christ-Messiah,Saviour ( Rebooted 13 /07/2019 as “Saviour” )

(by Joan Wilson)

Please put Christ back in Christmas
and deplete the razzamatazz,
he came with a message of goodwill
which we seem we want to gag,
God saw our deep predicament
we had no hope ahead,
He came to meet us in our need
that we our sins might shed,
“a little child shall lead them”
the prophet prophesied,
as he grew up to manhood
it was for our sins he died,
but the words of wisdom
and the love he showed,
before they nailed him to that cross
but that was when he glowed!
it was for you for me for all
he suffered on that tree,
the babe who was “Messiah”,”Jesus”
“Saviour”-set us free.

(“Jesus Christ-Messiah,Saviour” poem by Joan Wilson can be
found in the anthology,”Morning by Morning”)

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