Jesters by two

You come out funny in all unearthly colors

The rainbow pours from its small-sized pockets,

From high to low, in a deadpan self-portrait

Of how you clowned your rowdy heart.

My human situation is the same as before-

I am running from the person I am chasing

And dining with dementia on occasions.

And it feels evil sneaks into my bones

As we share a glass of wine, numbing before desert.

Let us taste berries on a pristine mouth, slowly,

Sliding under the table to unzip our smitten veins,

Before the air turns sour and we smell of helium.



6 thoughts on “Jesters by two

  1. John Anthony Fingleton

    “Sliding under the table to unzip our smitten veins” I wish I had written that line…it captures the whole feeling of the poem for me.

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