Jelly Dragon Feet

Stuck in the nut tree
numbed with fear…..
it was easy to climb his generous branches
to conquer the fields with your sight
to be the dragon spitting fire and throwing nuts
in passerby heads
fun and joy and mockery
encouraged by so called friends
and now
all gone and you…
you can’t look down
you can’t move an inch
your spine is soaked in sweat
no fire in your dragon throat
trembling leaves your legs become
You cry for your father to come…
minutes or hours …. who really knows
the savior arrives
cursing the day he got a dragon for a daughter
From that moment on
the flame never ignited but
minutes or decades later…. who really knows
I woke up in front of a tree rescuing
my own little dragon for a daughter
So I conclude
It runs in our genes…
And my story ends with a large smile
unless a dragon is stuck in the tree….

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