I’ve seen more than the eye can see!

I’ve seen more than the eye can see

when death became my friend,

When all around my body saw

The doctors scurrying around!


It’s only now that years are past, do I begin to tell

Of things that blessed, and witnessed I

Shall never in my life, forget!


I saw my Heavenly Brother

Or as others call His name –

Christ, Redeemer, Emanuel

But still He’s Heavenly Brother,

Of that I won’t be shamed!


Impressed my soul, for as it was

(My body see, was somewhere else),

Impressed upon my being whole

The Spirit, or the Holy Ghost

(As He’s known to me!)


My Heavenly Father, of all mankind

How I couldn’t see His face,

But knowledge that indeed ’twas Him

That came from Holy grace!


And now my friends, this tale you hear,

Came with convicted truth –

From one who shouldn’t deserve this.

But through Faith

Became the Truth!

(c) 2012 sew

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