It’s Time

Only for love,

Only because he loves,

Was killed for his love,
Every minute we betray him,
Every second we hurt him,
Every day we kill him,
because he still loves us,

He did all for us,
I wonder how we refuse to do anything for ourselves,

We let life blind us,
We let the flow take us,
We forget what was done for us,

Living for one purpose,
Thriving for one reason,
Always fake purpose,
Always ephemera reason,

The light is here but we can’t see,
The truth is here but we like to ignore it,

Slowly we let our consciousness dye,
We let our hearts deny,
Then we ask why??

Why the whole world has changed?
Why people are becoming inhuman?
Where this goodness has disappeared?
Why the light is become darkness?

We are the image of this world,
We’re doing nothing but betraying it & betraying ourselves,

It’s time to rebirth, time to start a new self,
Time for a new beginning, time for a new pure world.

Rima N. Jaber

2 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This opening barrage of three contemporaneous posts, ( “It’s Time”; “Eldorado,Land of Dreams”;”Give yourself to true love”.) all bear equally the indelible hallmarks of emotional depth and maturity.They share a degree of poetic acumen and artistic precision that makes each one of the three a singular delight.

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