It is still a young morning!

The skin of this


Pale and dry

The road climbs

The hill ahead

Stands kissing


The bleak sky

Running ahead

The shadow

Taller ever

Some parts

Trying to escape

Projecting outwardly

Some, swallowed by

The darkness

No stopping to


Behind, running

Breeze, humming

An unknown raga

It clipped

The tail of a

Yester-night’s dream

To wag along

Behind the visions

Oh!, Yes!

It is still a

Young morning

The day sprawls

Fat and long


It is still a

Young morning




7 thoughts on “It is still a young morning!

    1. Sarala Ramkamal Post author

      Thank you Louis .. and you can replace the young morning with anything like a fresh-start-writing for example… 🙂

  1. VijayNair

    Superb ! Sarala exquisitely conveys the immediacy of her experience.The visual impact of the poem is praiseworthy.


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