Irridescent Dreams

In restless sleep
Beautiful dreams
To hold and keep
Palette of vivid colors
A Van Gogh masterpiece
Silhouette of lovers
Blue like a velvet night sky
Painted with falling stars
Wishes made on days gone by
Flecks of gold and silver
Touches of lust
Make me shiver
Yellow blazing energy
Filling me with warmth
Setting me free
From nightmares bathed in black
Sombre shades of brown
I cannot turn back
Green as a meadow lush
We lay among the flowers
Daisies in white and pink
A shy girl’s blush
Horizon of purple hue
Bruising and sensual
I reach for you
Red of a heated embrace
Brushed with vigorous strokes
Leather and lace
Kisses like crimson
Urgent and wanting
Open the gates of my prison

4 thoughts on “Irridescent Dreams

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    On my regular metaphorical expedition through the vast panoply ( yes,that is hyperbole,even by my modest standards! ) of the Archives, with my equally metaphorical neglected treasure detector, I’ve re-discovered this fascinating nugget of unalloyed poetic pleasure. ” Irridescent Dreams “,has a pleasing,sensuous breathlessness about it.It’s colourful and toys with colour;bright and cheerful.

  2. suzanne parlee

    Thank you kindly Louis for rediscovering this! I was inspired by Starry Starry night, by Vincent Van Gogh when I wrote this. So much around us to inspire the pen! Your appreciation of the written word is a real joy…thanks again

    1. Louis Kasatkin

      For me,Reading and Writing are on-going activities, a glorious never ending process the liking for which I must have imbibed with my Mother’s milk! It’s an obvious point to make,but the very act of reading or re-reading words on a page resuscitates them from their self-imposed hibernation and makes them come alive,again and again. Maybe I ought to write a poem on that very topic?


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