if you like

My not so young husband
left home duty-bound
leaving me quite alone,
solitary lonesome

when nights were still
and bed half empty
in my dreams I dreamt
falling half asleep

I knew you had arrived
to be at my beck and call
to take me round the city
the park view and mall

O every now and then
croon of your voice husky
spilling unto my backseat
with an air musky

as I secretly admired
lining of your shiny beard
my eyes fixated on fingers
the firm clasp that steers

I felt like a queen
swept off my feet
as you sped your way
through crowded street

I know you are a hyphen
joining soul with my body,
yet how you trifle yourself
only for others to see

as on a reflex you stop
once again to begin ,
shall I be tamed so
even as taming !

as I beseech you , to see
glittering moon with it’s marvel
I realize it much later
it’s the pendant of your pectoral…

3 thoughts on “if you like

  1. louiskasatkin

    A pleasant poetic divertissement which works well for the unsuspecting reader.Though for my part the ” Incest ” of the title eluded me somewhat.

  2. lokesh roy Post author

    Thank you for pouring over the work. I am sure you will agree with me that the topic is best kept under wraps for a fuller enjoyment ! with warmest regards .


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