In the City of Joy and Pain

The pavement is his home now
He has nowhere to hide
Devotion and poverty’s vow
Brings love close to his side

Not far a stove burns always
Some soup it will provide
Bread that his hunger allays
A love that does not chide

My pen must write his song now
For one angel is gone
But someone comes to wipe his brow
For love’s work must go on

She told us all our story
How we hunger for love
O fiercer than a lion she was
And gentler than a dove

On sidewalks still her acolytes
Bring comfort till the end
And when the north wind bites
They take some home to mend

Who’s jealous of such kindness ?
Who guillotines such aid ?
O Heaven help such blindness !
O let such evil fade !

In our city of joy
In our city of pain
Let us defeat this ploy
And let love reign again

( ASA )

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