In the Absence of Peace

Have you ever thought…
What’ll happen if there’s no peace?
Nothing major will happen….
Only certain frivolous things will occur

Men will be killed, women will be raped
War-struck children ‘ll be homeless in the cold
Blood stained faces ‘ll be lying, living or dead
But we’ll remain at peace in our homes

Later, we’ll discuss ‘peace’ at our leisure
And that too, from our comfort zones
We’ll declare one group ‘pro- peace’
And another group as ‘anti -peace’

Do we really think we are morally…
In a position to brand anyone pro or anti?
Can we say we are ethically……
Supporting and justifying our stands?

Nobody chooses to sell their peace at cheap
Nobody goes berserk for trivial things
Let’s hear their side of stories too, of those
Who braved war to support peace

Copyright (c): Dr. Nikhat Bano
All Rights Reserved
November 29, 2016.

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About Nikhat Bano

I am an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Instructor by profession. I love to write romantic and spiritual poems and I find a great sense of relief after penning down my thoughts on paper. It has now become a passion for me and will continue as long as I live.

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