In ecstasy

In ecstatic wonder

I can only close my eyes

And relish of the stillness


Always am I in communion

With the sparkling dust of the universe

Always am I engulfed

In its merciful embrace

Always am I engaged with the stars

Busy being intoxicated by their splendor!


Have I come to terms with the specifications

Laid down for my mortal self

Have I come to terms with these

Have I accepted these

As being opportunities to become more perfect

So as to be deemed worthy

Of being offered the path

The path leading to the other realms

There, where the source and the origin

Of the universe emanates

There, where the force of existence


Still and calm!

Immersed in such ecstasy

I do close my eyes

And open my arms

To accept those boons

Thrust upon me

By the universe!

3 thoughts on “In ecstasy

  1. suzette portes san jose

    prayer holds the connection between body, soul and heavenly universe…communing self in the perfection of creations and the creator… nice dear


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