In Abandon

In a purple velvet gown I swelter this evening
And you, you and you just brushed my smooth arm.
I chuckle when you praise these brunette curls
Framing my glowing face and you there are in awe
Of my perfect French. I smile and smile again
When you say, you simply adore my smile.
Ah, you are in love with me, your passion is boring
Into my eyes, you alter your tone, 
Subdue your preferences to accommodate mine,
That chivalry reminds me, I must go home now.
I drop my keys flippantly into the little holder,
Kick my heels away now standing a few inches shorter.
I pluck these pins that hold my hair this way and that
And step out of this uncomfortable gown for cotton.
I plop on the couch for a little tongue of my own,
A song from the carefree days, a little Mohan Lal.
Alone on the couch on a night bored of solitude,
I long for a bosom on my back and render belonging
Unshaved arms and stubble brushing with abandon
As we laugh or empathize with a sensibility our own.
Is there not one man out there who’d want me
Right now in my raw self
And look beyond embellishments or my story
Of the Moroccan cats leaving my audience rapt!

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About Panjami Anand

I am Panjami Anand from Mumbai, India. I am into Tarot card reading, Numerology, Past Life Regression and Clairvoyance. I endeavor to hunt for others and myself reasons to many an inexplicable things in life. The layers of human relationships and things people say starkly without actually saying anything inspires my poetry. I am a homemaker otherwise and I aspire to be a fine human capable of much giving. Thank you for your time. Love, Panjami Anand

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