Immortal desires of the mortal men

Each regal wave surges
whirlpools of mushroom-like foam.

A tiny, slippery drop, like a moment in time, 
straggle out.
Perfect in its roundness,
it catches the rainbow colors,
of the setting sun.

Against the ruthless time,
it slides on my fingertips,
like a borrowed moment,
like immortal desires
of the mortal men. 

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About Chaitali Sengupta

Chaitali Sengupta is a writer and a poet by passion, a financial analyst and a language teacher by profession. She’s a translator and volunteer journalist, based in the Netherlands. “Cross Stitched words”, her debut collection of prose-poems, has been recently published by SETU publications, USA. Her two translated works (from Bengali to English) are “Quiet whispers of our heart” & “A thousand words of heart”. She has contributed largely to esteemed international anthologies and online/print literary journals, including Café dissensus, Different Truths, Borderless Journal, Muse India. Her translation of a human interest documentary for the Dutch TV channel was widely appreciated.

9 thoughts on “Immortal desires of the mortal men

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    All the universe captured and explained through a solitary drop of rain.
    For me it instantly evoked that iconic scene in Ridley Scott’s 1982 movie “Blade Runner” where the Replicant Roy Batty sits in a downpour and delivers his soliloquy on the meaning of life.

  2. Amita Paul

    The title which is also the core concept of the poem is very striking . The simile consistently used throughout the poem , of time as an infinite wave , and the moment , as a drop , reminds one of Homer’s epic similes . The paradox of mortals harbouring immortal desires puts one in mind of Shakespeare’s Cleopatra who states that she has immortal longings in her.

  3. Amita Paul

    The poem invites reference to Line 278 of Act 5 , Scene 2 , ‘ Antony and Cleopatra’ by the Bard :
    Give me my robe. Put on my crown. I have
    Immortal longings in me. Now no more
    The juice of Egypt’s grape shall moist this lip.


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