Imagination Running Riot


Oh me! Where am I? In a fog of delirium?

My imagination runs riot!

My frustrations, my loneliness, my hallucination!

Everything looks so bleak and dreary!


I know where I am … Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

Forgot me here and took the flight back to earth.

But I am fishing now,

See I have caught a fish on my fishing line!


But they say this is a parched area…

My eyes are blurry! What did I drink?

It seems I drank water of River Lethe from Hades, 

My head is shattering, still, let me reel my fishing line.   


Oh, my eyes are blinking with so many sparkling stars! 

For sure I have caught something better than a fish!

Hurray! I have caught the huge Northern Star!

I knew I am the smartest! Smarter than you Armstrong!


But wait! What is this dry tree doing on the moon?

So, does it mean I have not caught the Northern Star?

Oh my God! Who am I?

How did I reach on this God forsaken land?


Satan is surely playing tricks on me!

But I never sold my soul to the devil.

Just that lately, I started taking some drugs.

Right now, am not stoned enough, badly need a little dose.


Oh, a numbness creeps over me!

My eyesight fails me.

Will somebody help me?

My cognitive power is failing me.


©Pushmaotee Subrun

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About Pushmaotee Subrun

Pushmaotee Fowdur Subrun was born in 1949 in Mauritius. She pursued higher studies in Delhi University where she graduated in English. For the past forty-four years she has worked in secondary schools, seven years of which she spent in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, teaching English in an army school. She completed her PGCE at the Mauritius Institute of Education in 1993. After her retirement, she was a member of the Council of the University of Mauritius for three years. She is currently a reader and editor in the Ministry of Arts and Culture. She has written one novel, one play and Short Stories and Fables. Her poems have featured in Setu Magazine, ‘Poetry and Creativity’ and in Atunis Poetry.

4 thoughts on “Imagination Running Riot

  1. amitapaul

    The poet ventured into the world of a person using psychotropic substances and comes up with imaginative observations

  2. VijayNair

    The speaker is lost in a drug-induced vision filled with strange and broken images.One is reminded ,obliquely,of Coleridge’s ” Kubla Khan.”


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