If you could see

Could you see through

Through the veil of truth

Through the magic melodies of the mystical flute

Through all of that which is displayed


Blinded by the mundane

You have forgotten how to see

How to see truth

How to see that which is necessary


Blinded and enraptured by what this world offers

You have forgotten that the sole winner remains Death

Death, who comes, unbidden

Death, who urges us to see, just see, plainly!


Pray, I wish to see through

Through this façade seeming both hazardous

And pleasant

I wish to see through so that I may understand about existence!


Yes, existence, which is so baffling

Ready to turn us into slaves of its many arrays

Ready to bind us into its confused mess

Ready to have us believe, that truth is that which we do see!


Why, if only I could see through

Through the veil of truth

Be sure that I would thrust it unto you

So that no more shall you be blinded by that which you see!

6 thoughts on “If you could see

    1. Anoucheka Post author

      Sadly…….most of us forget about it and let ourselves drown in the mundane……..thk you so much for this lovely comment Rashmi 🙂


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