If My Love Was Beside Me?

If my love was here sitting beside me, warm

How lovers’ dreams reality drive,

freedom of heart’s expressions.

If you, my love, n’er wandered

far me from transfigured in mind, both now

doth our love, purely entwine?

As unity this love stays true,

to have, to hold,

If my love, you’re now here?

Come stay one more time,

Come stay with me do?

In love reunite, forever, beside

Does our love stay so pure

If my love beside me, now was?


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

4 thoughts on “If My Love Was Beside Me?

  1. Sharon-Elizabeth Post author

    Thank you this is very lovely xx This poem ‘just happened’ as I came across a sentence one of my friends had written. Their sentence is my title, I’m happy that you like it.


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