If Ever


Effervescent as ever

you bubble on



playfully pulling in

a plant here

a log there


every stubborn stone

that tries to resist

Your eyes always agleam

with new conquests


Deep enough to contain all

you forge ahead




Bulldozing my resistance

your ebullience

swept me away

over rapids

down sheer cliffs

through narrow channels

a roller coaster ride

Yelling and screaming

in thrilling terror

I skipped, hopped



prudence lowered a branch


holding me back

Tearfully I watched you

froth away

carrying a whiff of my scent

mingled with myriad others

if ever my scent arises

tickles your nose and

you sneeze

will you think of me?

Elizabeth Kuriakose


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About Elizabeth Kuriakose

A hectic career as a banker and looking after family kept me busy for ages. Quit my job to look after family. Once the children were old enough to take care of themselves, I discovered my love for writing in late 2014. Words in poetry or prose have been my constant companion thence on.

4 thoughts on “If Ever

  1. Kumaara Sukeja

    The euphoria is contagious ! an enthralling experience climaxing in the deft hands of the writer on an empathetic note for the reader as well..


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