If a Fish falls out of the water


If a fish falls out of the water, does the ocean cry?
A question that creates hordes of others to comply
For me it does as fish comes from the womb of ocean
How would a mother not weep when it’s child’s deprived of Sun
Every bit of her soul cries as its blood drips on sand
But she knows to control, moves on for rest of her clan
Something dies in her with each fish with similar fate
Haven’t you seen the gray clouds gather to recriminate
A sad rain pours its heart in ocean’s womb to mourn their end
Only a sensitive heart could fathom and comprehend

©Sunila – 24/05/2016.

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About Sunila K

Based in Canary Islands, Spain, Sunila Khemchandani is a teacher, translator and writes poetry for love of English Literature. She has several poems published in English anthology collections (Wings, Change, Indus Valley, Heavenly Hymns, Poetic Symphonies, Synthesis - The Duet Anthology and in two of Brian Wrixon’s anthologies). In 2008, she won the position of the best annual poet in www.poetriesonline.com. Besides writing poems, she translates spiritual articles, books of her spiritual master, proof reading and transciption. Some of her translated works have been published and circulating.

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