Ice Rose

Frozen flower on window pane
Caught in glorious pose
Crystal necklace, interwoven
Waterdrops, a perfect rose
Soul sculptured ice rain
Seducing rays of sunshine
On glass before my face
Turning ice into steamy sublime
Clouds of thought that race
Stirring someplace inside my mind
A frozen rose, an ice rose,
A memory imprinted on my heart
Since before the start of time
Melting illusions of reality
And me.

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About Johanne Gallagher

Hello there! Thanks for taking a moment to get to know me. My passion is dancing Argentine tango, writing songs and poems and I also like to sing. I love to work with people and help them to manifest their visions and dreams! I am very interested in quantum physics and positive psychology and use my poetry to express my thoughts about spirituality, nature and the Oneness of everything. I currently live in Sydney Australia. I am in the process of finding joyful employment using my skills and education in the perfect way towards co-creating a sustainable and even more than that...a thriving world! My mantra these days is I have perfect work in a perfect way. I give perfect service for perfect pay! Thank You universe for supporting me in every way as I joyfully serve others!

7 thoughts on “Ice Rose

  1. Umarani Jayaraj

    Beautiful little poem rhyming with the icy touch of yours ! From the humid ,sultry and hot lands of India ,I am given a refreshing icy jolt of words by your aptly sculptured words ! Last two lines ,”Melting illusions of reality,And me” are excellent

    Can feel the ice rose of yours melting me too ! Cheers Irishdivano:-)

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    EDITORIAL NOTE:- This is to acknowledge that ” Ice Rose” was 1 of 4 especially chosen poems by 4 especially chosen contributing Poets,to be our very first “Featured Poets and Poems” of the Poets’ Corner@Destinty Church ,the occasion being marked by the Lord Mayor of Wakefield,Councillor Ms.Ros Lund inaugurating this pioneering initiative at 11 am on 11th. January,2012.

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