I will teach my children

I will teach my children
that the world is a bowl of sugar
and bitter gourd and if they
have no reasons to believe me,
‘Trust me, I will thrust them
to taste them with their own
hands to the tongue.’

On days they come complaining

of bleeding bruises,
I will protect them with bandages
and to the desires of a healing heart,
give them a bunch of chocolate chip cookies
to munch, but beyond all, I will show them the
television news that flashes images
of weeping souls wistfully wishing
for the war to end, alas! a lass
also in confused chaos from her
first menstruation mourning over
the death of her mom.

And on days they say that their lunch box was packed with
grains of rice that contained a
little less salt than usual,
I will set them free from the
cozy confines of my home
to explore all along the narrow streets
so they come back to me with
that extra pinch of salt
upon seeing children
of their age seeking alms with arms
shivering from the chills of a
Winter evening, suppressed of supper.


And yet, a celebration will be called for when they fly high with good grades,
discipline from demeanor
of ethics and etiquette. And no matter
the ecstasy from their travel to fantasy,
when they still come back to this
land called life where real roses bloom
and mom and dad are super heroes,
they will know that life is still beautiful.
In that way, they will learn that
all things good and bad are
like parallel lines in geometry,
they go hand-in-hand.

Brindha Vinodh

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About Brindha Vinodh

I am a postgraduate in Econometrics but a writer within. I have contributed to several anthologies and been published on many e-zines, journals, OPAS, etc. and a featured poet at an international publication house. My roseate sonnet was selected as one of the best poems of 2020 by the same group-InnerChildPress international.

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