I want to tell you

The heady intoxication of all that is real
Always seduced me into doing the right thing
By myself and by my world
I am grateful to it
And to the greater scheme of things
That makes it so

Witness the surprised little cockroach
That wriggled out of the loosely kept medicines
In a set of polythene bags
Dead medicines
A living wonder of cockroach
That no pharmaceutical company has yet learnt to create :
A laugh burst out of me !

The symmetrical holes in the tiny round slices of fried okra
Where the biteable slippery resilient little white seeds live
Yellowed by turmeric seasoned by salt and powdered coriander seeds
Glowing hot with mustard oil
How can one philosophise in the presence of such mesmerising beauty
This immediate capture of all the unsuspecting senses ?

Is there a little fly
Wings iridescent in angled sunlight
Or a four am warm sleepy blood fattened female anopheles mosquito
Lulling you with a rhythmic buzz
So it can suddenly pierce your drowsy skin
And sip some more , cheeky glutton ?

Love them with passion

Or sink knowingly
Onto the earth bed
That heaven provides to all beings
Let gravity embrace you
Your falling eyelids
Soft eyelashes
All the velvet you need
For sweet oblivion

The pang of memory
The balm of breath
The dazzle of death

How shall I tell you ?

( ASA )

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