I sore

This that reeks
and festers in you,
is yours alone.
When you see it
for what it is,
only then will you
seek a cure.

Till then you will carry it
as though it does not exist.
As though you are Ratnakara
Bearing the burden
placed on you by others.

As though it is a pain you live with
because you can’t let go.
As though it is a hump on your back
or as though it is
Saleem Sinai’s protuberant proboscis.
Ugly but inseparable.

Till it is twilight time,
for amputation.

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1. Ratnakara – the original name of Valmiki, the bandit turned sage who wrote the Ramayana
2. Saleem Sinai – the protagonist of Midnight’s Children

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