I Prevailed Sedately

On every little unjust act,
I broke inside,
On every little partial comment,
I broke further,
On every crude conduct,
I became empty,
On every piercing remark,
I filled myself.
On every impertinent instance,
I hardened myself.
On every snippy judgment,
I was filled with dissent
On every consuming denial,
I stood sturdy
On every pretentious care,
I felt shallow.
On every demeaning proclaim,
I felt elated,
On every inconspicuous attack,
I forbade all repercussions.
On every disparaging effort,
I prevailed sedately

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About neha verma

I belong to India and have lived here for over 24 years. My profound interest is in writing poetry. Though these days i have been trying my hand at story writing as well. I pursued Masters of Arts in English from Delhi University. I am a teacher by profession teaching at Doon Public School as a TGT English.

5 thoughts on “I Prevailed Sedately

  1. Sridhar

    Om Namah Sivaya

    Sree Swami Vivekananda said:
    The world is so selfish. Have infinite patience.

    Yet beyond the dark forces of vices such as being crude, snippy, partial etc…
    there are rays of hopes.

    The poem depicts nicely.

    May God bless us with virtues.

    Om Namah Sivaya

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