I miss you.

I miss you.

Every day,

every way that there is.


The one who always understood,

and for a time,

the world seemed good.

Fell into place

the way it should.


But now,


I cant let go.

All the joy we shared and so

I just need to say, and know,

I miss you.


The holidays are almost here.

So very full of silent tears,

because I miss you.


Is Heaven such a wondrous Place?

Forgive my heart,

Grant me Grace.

To Shine as one you always knew,

in spite of all,

and missing you.

5 thoughts on “I miss you.

  1. HowardFrost


    This piece is superb. So moving. For me, it lives alongside “Remember” by Christina Rossetti and “Do not stand at my grave” by Mary Elizabeth Frye.


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