I Miss You Mum

I miss you mum, more than words can say
I miss your wry smile, as you heard me pray
To God above to keep us warm, to keep us safe
from the night storm.
I miss the smell of your home-cooked bread
Placed upon the dinner table just as I came home.
I miss picking up the phone, after a long hard day
To hear how very much, to you
to hear my voice telling you I love you
and hold our special love dear.
I miss your giggles, laughter full of glee
As I tell you stories of how the children have been that day.
I miss you mum, but I pray to God, up high above
To keep you held within His love
To hold you dear now that I’m gone
from tight within your arms,
I trust in God to love right back
And keep you safe from harm.
I miss you mum, more than words can say

© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2014

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