I Loved a Poet

I loved a Poet no denial in that

Whose lifelong love

Capsulated the starlit sky

Flurtuously twinkling,

at the moonbeams.


Crystals of love shaping

Around our lives all,

Dancing amongst shadows

Darkened through scars

‘til out from the woodwork

Creeping through these

Butterfly-filled pastures.


Picnics of love

Where hearts fell in deeper

than even before,

N’er, no returning to glory,



But when one loves a poet,

Devotee of soul

You love all about them,

holding them in

Arms mighty & powerful.


Soft sweet caresses,

Whisperings into the ear

Of love long ago,

Yet still true today

Still mighty in unity

Soft in love unfeigned.


Kissing soo gently

Holding hands as they walked

So when you love fall a poet

You love truly

Mind, body and soul.


(c) Sharon-Elizabeth Walker.

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