I Long For You

My heart
My Soul
Longs for you

I can hear your whisper in my ear
Though you are not here

I can feel your touch
Your Caress
Though I know you are not here
I must be crazy

I thought
You belong to me
It was all wishful thinking
Nothing is real

You have your life to live
I have no life
I only have my dreams of you
I am awake
My thoughts are fill with your images

We have a connection
It is so untrue
You don’t even know me
I don’t know you either, in person
Illusions and wishful thinking
Make believes

Live life, my love
I must live mine
Go on and I will also go on
Even without you

You’re a sweet dream
You’re also a frustrating dream
I’ll see you when I do see you
If not
Let’s go with life
without each other

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