I Lived This Dream

I lived this dream which no one saw

Their heads held high, igniting moonlit skies,

Their straightened, proud, blessed brows.

This dream,

one dew-kissed meadowed morning walk, took I

where witnessed lowly, saddened, heavy-hearted

humbled-bowed, my head hung I.

Emotions, felt I depth displayed did no one see,

For only were these impressed led I, for me.

Head held low, humbled in heart

Laddened fully, deepest despair.

Christ toward where I knew not, cared not

Where emotions depth did go…

I knew, somehow, through heart-enlifted Spirit, led

Had come to bless, and with His gentle hand, did love.

His soft, His lowly Spoken Love

Showed this, now, my dream, to live.

In name of Christ, not now my head

Be bowed in shamed of pain it goes,

But Light of Love in Christ

Heart and head held high, I live this dream!

© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2013

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