I knew you

I look at you
And my heart cries out
I knew you ! I knew you !

Those patches of snow
Between rock and grass
On curved mountain slopes
That still green lake
Those pebbles and gravel
And the nearby river
I knew you when you were only paradise
With mule riders stopping
To conjure a fire
For pink salt tea
And a cheerful chat
And sometimes the hum of a song
And wild strawberries.

( ASA )

2 thoughts on “I knew you

  1. Brindha Vinodh

    The poet reminisces the memories of the past, recalling certain features with vivid imagery, yet with anguish and agony, expressing sorrow at how the same things have turned out to be, plundered and pilfered in the present world.

    Another interpretation- recalling days when human beings could roam about freely and enjoy Nature and natural food whereas constrained now by the virus. In the sense of “ I knew you” but you are slowly becoming unfamiliar, caged at home.


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