i heard it is snowing

I heard it is snowing in Kashmir,
And I heard a lot more.
Sounds that now exist only in my dreams
Those hilarious howls, those lusty screams
Sounds of feet crunching on the freshly fallen snow,
Delighted yells reaching a crescendo
As snowballs crashed against glistening faces,
Tumbling on untied laces.
Sounds of roasting chestnuts, as we played in the snow.

A few feet away, they stood,
My mom and dad, basking in the shared warmth of a kangri.
Next to our snowman, masked as red riding hood,
Smiling in glee, in a red hat looking so good.
Flakes of snow, big and small
Whirled with a delightful languor
To settle on the ground, the roofs, the trees, in snowy splendor,

Dad resplendent in a long, black over coat,
Mouthing his favourite quote,
“girtey hain sheh sawar hi maidaney jung main”
[Only the royal horsemen fall in the battle field]
Oh, stay, stay, why could you not stay?
Ma scintillating in a saree, a shawl and a smile
Covering her petite figure.
Every moment, these memories become bigger
And more memories trigger .
Ah, why can’t things remain the same?
Why do they snuggle inside an ornamental photo frame?

Hey what is that? An egret, a dove, or a compassionate crow?
Had the crow travelled all the way to Kashmir, dipped, and rolled in the freshly fallen snow
Now was trying to lift my spirits?
Ah, foolish me! Bits and pieces of snow – sheathed nostalgia do that, you know
Whatever it is , let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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