I dreamed a dream

I dream a dream so beautiful

where eagles soar freedoms’ breath,

where lovers, true lovers dreams

blessed. embraced.

Our hearts beats, skips in loves’ dreams embrace.

As I read I feel

I close my eyes in your sweet love

Purest love, beautiful.

My precious hearts’ lovers dream

Spread-eagled wings enticed by freedom

By freedoms’ breath, we breathe.

Held with our pure loves’ embraced, physical.

I love my most precious hearts’ love mate

In your love, complete

I dream a dream so beautiful.

(c) Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2013

4 thoughts on “I dreamed a dream

  1. Koshy

    There is a poem inside every poem that can sometimes be brought out only by someone else’s help, Sharon. You need that help. Keep writing. I can see the poet in you trying to emerge.

  2. Sharon-Elizabeth Post author

    Thankyou for your sweet offer, your thought-felt words.

    The genre of poetry is as numerous as the star-lit skies and not for everyone, as an inspirational award-winning poetess, I appreciate the beauty of individualism, for this is who, and what we are. No assistance is required, but thankyou it is such a beautiful offer (one to always keep in mind) xx

    Sharon-Elizabeth xx

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