I don’t see the angels!

Tough job writing about Universal Peace and Love

Tough job writing about things that will never happened

simple because they are not in our nature

Peace and love are meant for heaven only!

Do you want to clone heaven here on Earth?

I don’t see the angels!!!

My eyes are covered with greed’s curtains

Face after face hidden under smiles that don’t shed love

All I can hear are words nicely packaged in lies boxes

Armies marching to spread death in order to conquer

new resources territories

I don’t see angels!!!

Lust, greed, lies are indeed universal

Tough job to look in your neighbor’s eye

and not to get soaked by the envy wave

I don’t see the angels!!

Maybe they are in the air …

4 thoughts on “I don’t see the angels!

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Apart from the poem’s second line ,which might indeed be a conscious malapropism by the author;this poem dissects and challenges deep theological and existential questions.Albeit in that reassuringly idiosyncratic style we have come to associate with Iulia.

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